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Chen Chung Bakkwa

正庄切肉 | Chen Chung Sliced Meat

正庄切肉 | Chen Chung Sliced Meat

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详情 | Description

Packaging: Ziplock Pouch, Paper Bag

All barbecued meat products are packed in vacuum bags.


运输 | Delivery & Shipping

3-5 工作日(西马)| 5-7 工作日(北马)

3-5 Business days for West Malaysia
5-7 Business days for East Malaysia and Labuan

- Delivery times are based on orders placed before 7PM MYT.
- Delivery is only available on weekdays (excluding Malaysia Public Holidays).

存放 | Storage


保质期1个月,建议置于阴凉干燥处储存。 一旦开封后,必须在三天内食用完,然后存放在冰箱以保新鲜! 避免阳光直射,防止潮气和霉菌。 袋装内设独立真空包装,便携,干净卫生。


Shelf life 1 month. Keep in refrigerator to preserve freshness if opened for more than 3 days. Store in a cold and dry place out of the sunlight to prevent mould. All barbecued meat products are packed in vacuum bags.